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Course Details
5 Weeks Italian Group Course for Beginners


The goal is to learn how to speak and understand Italian in a simple way the basic conversations and some grammatical rules.

The quality of the course depends upon the level of communication you are willing to experience.


  • Starting date Monday September 4th, 2023.

  • Monday through Thursday 7-8pm.

  • 20 hours of lessons.

  • The class will last 1 hour on Zoom (the recording will be available after the class to be reviewed as part of the course.)

  • There is a WhatsApp group for students only, shared informations related the lessons and the communication is permitted only in Italian language. 

  • As part of your course. WhatsApp group chat is our daily journal. You will share short videos, pictures and greetings in order for us to engage in Italian language.

  • You'll be provided with Google link to access the lessons. 

What is required:

  1. You

  2. Showing up in class

  3. Being intentional learning 

  4. Engaging with your course mates

  5. Speaking as much Italian daily

  6. Reading aloud 

  7. Finding creative ways to immerse in the Italian language 


  • Your teacher has the right to refuse teaching the Course at any time as the result of the student's behavior. 

  • There are no-refunds.

  • You are accountable for your progress learning Italian.

My Philosophy

This course offer the opportunity to experience all Levels. My approach is brand new based on the idea of guiding you through the emotional levels listed below: 

Beginner  = Starting your journey learning Italian.

Intermediate = Coming out your comfort zone and fear of making mistakes.

Advanced = Spontaneously speaking Italian.

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