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Meet Danila

My most influential teachers taught me valuable tips for teaching others a new language, things like

"never rush to move to the next assignment if something is not fully understood" and "patience will always get students where they want to be."

I teach Italian to students from all around the world, including the US, Brazil, and Mexico to name a few. 

Because I speak multiple languages, I am able to service more students and help them achieve their goals.

People ask me what my method is and my answer is that there is no one method to help someone learn Italian.

In my classes, I create a fun, familiar, and relaxed environment that students want to attend. I remain supportive of my students from the beginning of the class, always remaining aware that we all learn in different ways and at different paces.


I meet my students where they are and work hard to show them that they can learn and understand and speak more than they think.

I explain lessons and concepts the same way I would like someone to explain them to me patiently, answering questions along the way, practicing over and over again.

I celebrate all gains, big and small.

I am my students biggest cheerleader and I remind them repeatedly that to succeed, patience with themselves is key. 

Stay present and most of all

have fun!

I remind my students that there is no magic wand to learning a foreign language. I expect my students to do whatever it takes to achieve

their goals.

I even suggest that they put labels (stickers) on every possible surface in their homes for the purpose of being reminded of words and building vocabulary.

We all know how beautiful Italy is, the rich history and culture that exists there. But I tell my students that there is so much more to Italy and that the real prize of the country is the human connection, kindness, hospitality, and openness of the people there, and that learning the language allows them the opportunity to experience this firsthand.

This ultimately what inspires my teaching the most creating a community of learners where anyone can also explore other areas of the world and themselves by learning the Italian language.

I hope you will take this opportunity to journey with me.

All classes are taught via Zoom and can be experienced in the comfort of your homes.


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